5 Things to Look For In a Top Public Cloud Services Provider in the UAE

5 Things to Look For In a Top Public Cloud Services Provider in the UAE

Even though the cloud is a fairly popular platform that is being adopted by enterprises of all sizes globally, the UAE still has a dearth of reliable public cloud services provider. The state of things will change over the coming few years. And there will be a real need for clients to distinguish between vendors who just spout the jargon and the providers who can walk the talk. 


Here are the top five factors that can separate the wheat from the chaff and help you select the right public cloud services provider in the UAE:

  1. Security- Security should be a major consideration when it comes to storing your company's data in the cloud. Cloud providers should have strict standard security measures in place and constantly update them. 
  2. Costs-  Public cloud users are often surprised to learn that IaaS has a complicated pricing structure. You will rarely, if ever, find flat rate pricing for running a virtual machine (VM) in the cloud. And although cloud providers disclose their pricing formulas, they tend to be extremely complex, making it difficult to estimate the cost of running a public cloud VM. However, eHDF has designed packages which can be bought from an online store front. These packages clearly states the cost and the users can even customize them to meet their business requirements.  
  3. VM Templates- Most Public Cloud service providers allow you to create Windows and Linux VMs, although the Windows Server versions and the Linux flavors offered vary. A good Service Provider should offer several templates allowing you to deploy the computing environments based on the applications you plan to deploy. At eHDF, we have created over 200 templates for a user to choose from. 
  4. Regional Support- Pay attention to cloud providers' regional availability. If you have regulatory or business requirements that mandate your data be kept within a specific country, it's extremely important to be able to choose which data centres will host your VMs. In the event of a provider outage, it's also critical to ensure your VMs will not fail over to unauthorized regions. eHDF delivers its Public Cloud services from its data centres in Dubai and offers 24x7 email and chat support.
  5. Expertise- Choose a cloud services provider that is an industry expert and is an established brand. The cloud expert should have anticipated what most users need and jumps ahead of the competition as a proactive cloud expert.


As a leading Public Cloud services provider in the UAE, eHDF is the first in the region to design a self-service portal where users can choose a package, pay using credit card and get started in minutes. Know more: https://mycloud.ehdf.com/

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