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Whether you are deploying mission-critical production workloads, launching new commercial applications and websites, moving data storage to the cloud, or improving business performance with Big Data and analytics, eHDF's Public Cloud offers a secure and scalable Cloud environment for your most critical and complex virtual infrastructures.

Our Public Cloud services are agile, scalable, and resilient for businesses of all sizes across the UAE. We combine bespoke solutions with 24/7/365 dedicated support from our Cloud experts. Also, by providing you with the best available Cloud Computing resources and guiding you through the entire Cloud journey, we help your business grow and become more productive. Our customized Public Cloud solutions and tailored Cloud packages are carefully designed to meet security, compliance, and performance needs, while remaining competitively priced.

eHDF’s unique Public Cloud portal comes with the ease of selecting and purchasing services online through a credit card. We also allow users to choose from a wide range of customizable computing options such as operating system templates (Windows and Linux Cloud hosting), ability to configure servers online, online backup and restore facility, upgrading server configurations, etc. Browse through our multiple packages and get started today!

Cloud Hosting

Rely on eHDF’s Public Cloud for a hassle-free hosting experience

If you are looking for scalable computing and data storage, while minimizing capital expenses, then Public Cloud is the solution that you should adopt. With this model, you not only benefit from operational efficiencies, but the savings that are associated with an environment like this can be utilized in systems, workflows and processes critical to your organization’s success.

eHDF’s Public Cloud hosting services provide your enterprise with the computing power, storage capacity, security and flexibility it needs, when it needs it and all the while reducing your IT costs and simplifying management and maintenance requirements.

Our Public Cloud offers clients a Virtual Private Server within a shared virtual local area network infrastructure that is firewalled, completely secured and fully supported with customizable processing, storage, transfer and memory capacities.

cloud hosting

cloud hosting Delivering tangible Cloud benefits faster and easier

Based on a trusted platform, eHDF’s Windows and Linux Public Cloud Hosting services are delivered from our own Data Centres in Dubai, ensuring a secure, fast & reliable Cloud service at par with international standards. eHDF’s Public Cloud hosting services are highly scalable, allowing easier accessibility to on-demand infrastructure. We also offer flexibility to our customers by letting them choose server configurations that they need with the ability to scale as and when required. And yes, you pay for what you use.

eHDF's Public Cloud users can customize the perfect balance of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity resources to fulfill specific business application requirements. Our Public Cloud is purpose-built for ultimate scalability based on your business demand. If your business is ready to benefit from the best-in-class provisioning, support and resource orchestration combined with security and high availability, browse through our packages today and provision your Virtual Machine in minutes!